'Waiting for Gorgo' Wins Best Short Film at 2011 Cantoo Film Festival

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LONDON -- Building on a successful tour of the festival circuit, Cinemagine is delighted to announce that it's 35mm short film, Waiting for Gorgo, has been awarded Best Short Film at the 2011 Cantoo Film Festival, West Virginia, USA. The festival reviewed the film as follows:

"Finally she has come! Waiting for Gorgo is a short film about what is real and what is fiction. Benjamin Craig takes the viewer deep into the Ministry of Defence in search of the elusive D.M.O.A. In the film you will meet the small but extremely likable cast. The two heads of the department, characterised by Geoffrey Davies and Nicholas Amer, play off each other wonderfully. Kelly Eastwood skilfully expresses the journey to find them. You feel the pity which the auditor has as she reveals to them the truth of their situation. The well-built set rivals a Hollywood production with its detail. M.J. Simpson's script is brilliantly witty and nearly every line is quotable. A well directed, well produced film that is fun and thought-provoking. A winner of a film! The film shows why the British are the best in this craft."

Reacting the news of the award, director Benjamin Craig, described the win as "... a wonderful surprise". He went on to say, "As a filmmaker, it's always amazingly reassuring when an audience reacts well to your film, and if that audience includes a festival jury, even better!"

About the Cantoo Film Festival
The Cantoon Film Festival is an annual competitive event which takes place in Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA. A selection of short and feature length films compete for a variety of prizes. www.cantoofilmfest.com

About Cinemagine
Cinemagine is a UK-based cross-media production company, founded in 1998 by Benjamin Craig and Patrick van Kann, with a vision to create an independent media company that could not only operate in a range of different media, but bring together the strengths of each medium to create engaging cross-media entertainment and solutions.

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