Kris Marshall and Annelise Hesme start filming Christmas romance in the British independent film Sparks and Embers

Monday, 5 December 2011

LONDON -- 5th December 2011. London's iconic Southbank will provide the backdrop for one of Britain's freshest romantic films in years, when principal photography kicks off early on 5th December on Sparks and Embers. Kris Marshall (Love Actually, Death at a Funeral, A Few Best Men) and Annelise Hesme (Paris, Moliere, Priceless, Alexander) star as Tom and Eloise, a pair of unlikely soul mates whose fateful first meeting four years ago seems to have built an unbreakable bond between them, despite their very different paths in life.

On a crisp Christmas evening, Tom and Eloise amble towards the train station and reminisce about their four years together. But as the pair rake over the remains of their relationship, old memories evoke feelings that both have tried to squash. Subtly they interrogate each other's true motives for this final meeting. Are there still shared feelings? Is Eloise's life as perfect as she makes out? And does Tom have a hidden agenda? If so, he has just 45 minutes to win Eloise back before she gets on her train and is gone forever. Is this new spark strong enough to rekindle the embers of their relationship?

Directed by Gavin Boyter, from his original screenplay, Sparks and Embers is a contemporary British romantic comedy. Both funny and moving, the film takes a refreshingly new look at the realities of life and love in the British capital, and finds a romantic side to the city that is seldom seen on film today.

Gavin Boyter said, "With Sparks and Embers I wanted to set out to make an honest yet entertaining film about relationships as well as a Christmas film that adheres to the rule "no Santa, no Jesus." The basic premise is, "When is it too late to salvage something meaningful?" which is an idea I think most audience members can relate to. And I hope they will find the film funny, moving and surprising."

Co-produced by Cinemagine and Green Screen Productions, in association with Tall Tree Pictures, principal photography will take place in London in December 2011 and January 2012.

About Cinemagine
Cinemagine is a UK-based cross-media production company, founded in 1998 by Benjamin Craig and Patrick van Kann, with a vision to create an independent media company that could not only operate in a range of different media, but bring together the strengths of each medium to create engaging cross-media entertainment properties.

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Green Screen Productions, based in York was founded by Alan Latham and Thomas Mattinson with Chairman Stephen Evans. Green Screen plans to produce or co-produce 5 films a year.

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